Our Favourite films of 2017

Wonder woman
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Wonder woman the movie is a fictional story of a woman from an island of people (called an amazons). It is set during the second world war and focuses on her using her using her magical strengths and special powers to try and defeat the villain (Eris) who had started the war and made the amazons must all ways be on grad for the day when he came to fight them because of their bad history. On her adventures, she leans how to deal with different situations, the importance of friendship, and how to have courage. We all felt it was an extremely inspirational film that inspires to put others first and stand up for what you believe. One of our favorite things about the film was that it was one of the first films with a woman as the hero which is relay amazing and important. It teaches people how girls can be just as amazing as boys and do just as grate things. We found it was an extremely moving film whilst still having adventure, action and a bit of romance. It always kept you awake and on the edge of you seat ready for action. You are always surprised and shocked by whatever happens next. We loved how interesting the whole ww2 bits where and getting to see there take on it. We recommend this movie and feel that people should watch it. It is good for all genres like action, romance and possible factual. We think it is good for the age 12 and up or maybe a bit younger as we know someone who was 9 when watching it and still loved it. We give it 9/10 stars.

Beauty and the beast

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In the very beginning the Beast was a young handsome prince, although he had everything, some part of him was missing… one night an old woman knocked on the door of the castle where the prince lived, and she offered him a rose in trade for shelter, the prince was disgusted at how ugly the woman was, so the prince declined the rose and told her to go away. The woman reminded him to not judge a person by its looks, but the prince still told her to go. Suddenly, the old woman transformed into a beautiful young woman, the prince was shocked, and tried to apologies but it was too late. As a punishment, the young woman changed the handsome prince into an ugly, dreadful beast, and placed a spell on the castle and all who lived in that palace. The beast locked himself in the castle ashamed of how disgraceful he appeared to be. The rose the woman offered, was an enchanted rose, which will bloom on the beasts 21styear if he could learn to love and have her love back in time till the last petal falls.

Beauty and the beast is about a girl who was quite poor and had a father who was into engineering but people called him ‘crazy’ since he had the most inventive ideas. Maurice, the father went on a journey with Philippe, the horse

to show off his invention so he left belle by herself.

Later, Philippe came back since Maurice got hurt in the woods on the way. So, belle goes to find her dad, on the way she comes across a big castle, since it was cold and wet she went inside to find shelter and hopefully find her dad. Little did she know that Maurice, found the castle before she did and got captured by the beast, and locked him in the tower. Belle got in the castle and no one was home, but there was someone there besides the beast. Lumière, the talking candle stick and Cogsworth, the talking clock. From the young woman with rose story, Lumière and Cogsworth were sure she was the one that the beast would fall in love with. Belle was exploring the castle, until she found her dad, who was locked in a cell, belle was so furious she determined to find who did this to her father, the beast found her and made her a deal, if she took her dads place, the old man would be set free. So, she agreed, just because she loved her dad so much. Now since she is trapped in a tall and scary tower. The talking clock and candle came and rescued her and made her live in a luxurious bedroom, the finest clothing and the most delicious food you could ever imagine!

Everything that lived in the castle all transformed into talking items when the spell was struck. During belle’s time being at the castle she learns to love the beast because of who he is and finally starts to feel something special.  Meanwhile, at the village there was a muscly, broad man called Gaston who was so proud of himself and found out from Maurice that Belle is captured by this big and dangerous beast, as usual people thought he was psycho. One day Belle was looking in the mirror, a mirror which was the only window to the outside world and saw that his father was in trouble back at the village so he pleaded the beast if she could go and see him, and since the beast loved her so much he let her go along with the mirror so she could always look back at him. Maurice was forced into a trailer which would take people to a mental asylum. Belle came just in time to save him, belle asked Gaston why they were sending him away and he said because he said a beast captured her. Now Belle knew if she showed them the beast, they would go and try to kill him, but if she lies then the father will be gone. Suddenly, she takes out the magic mirror and shows them the beast. As fast as lighting, Gaston and his followers go to the castle and try to find and kill the beast. Belle was so scared when Gaston found the beast, Gaston managed to throw the beast off the roof and he died. Belle was so angry but mostly heartbroken. From how much she cared about the beast, that power of love was enough to bring the beast back to life. To make things better, from her feeling she managed to reverse the spell and make everyone back to their human selves. Beauty and the beast lived happily ever after!

We think this movie is so touching since it shows you the real meaning of love. We recommend this film since it is filmed so well and the CGI looks so realistic. We give it 9.5/10 stars.


By: Isabel Youssoufian, Francesca Elliot.


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