Film Review: Mean Girls


Mean Girls is a film about life in High School.

Cady is a normal teen, but she lived in Africa and was home schooled until she transfers to an American high school. But she doesn’t know what is waiting ahead, Drama, romance and mean girls.Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 09.12.05

What we think about the movie

Our view: We think that is a good movie which explains what life is like in American high school and tells you about the sort of drama lying ahead.

Peer view: It is a good movie and I enjoyed it because I liked how the ordinary girl became the most popular girl in the high school.

Another peers view: I like how it shows what a American high school is like but I don’t like how everyone is treated like dirt on their shoes except Regina George and it is very American.


In conclusion it is a really good movie and lots of people have enjoyed it but it is very American. If you like a funny, dramatic and romantic movies this is the movie for you.

Teens might understand it more, but still a great movie.


By Tessa and Alexia Form I

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