Netball by Emily Baring, Form 1

Netball is a really fun sport. The aim of the game is ti shoot the goal. The positions are Centre, Goal keeper, goal attack, goal shooter, goal defence, wing attack and wing defence. The positions all do different things . GK stops the ball from going into the hoop. Centre starts with the ball and…

The Butterfly Effect

Can one act cause a ripple effect of change in the world?
By Lucy Monckton, Juana Centeno and Romy Gordon-Craig

What is it like to be bilingual?

What is it like to speak two languages – do you dream in both? Do you always think in one?
By: Zahra, Maya and Claudia form III

What is well-being?

Wellbeing:the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

By Auriel Goschen, Matilda Chetwynd-Talbot, Katharine Carr

My Favourite Art Genre: Pop Art

From Marilyn Monroe to Nicki Minaj – Pop Art’s depiction of popular figures and objects has become our favourite art movement.
By Sibylla, Elmira and Stephanie.